The Red Alert
The Red Alert


Heavy Psych

(Tee Pee)

Record Review by Marcel Feldmar


Sometimes there is nothing that I want more than some tripped out psychedelic stone jam that I can spoon out of the speakers and fill my head with. That flavor is getting harder to find, but Nebula has a rock and roll pantry full of it.


Still full of it.


This band has been pushing out the hard desert metal space rock since 1997, and with now 6 albums and a handful of singles and EPs, they’re still pushing. The one doing most of the pushing is main man Eddie Glass who formed this band after he and drummer Ruben Romano left Fu Manchu and started carving their own way through the landscape. Now, over a decade has gone by, and Eddie is still tripping, now alongside Tom Davies on bass and Rob Oswald on drums.


These songs are thick and lush and the title of the album sums it up perfectly. I could write a thousand words trying to paint a picture of this album, and still, "Heavy Psych” would work better.


There are the requisite hits of Black Sabbath moodiness slipping through the songs, but a little lighter, as if they were moving through a field of flowers instead of a dark forest, but only if the flowers were metal. There’s a newer sound that crawls and crunches through the verses as well, that superfuzzy bigmuffy kind of Mudhoney drawl, and that still gets wrapped around a spaceship that blasts straight through some Monster Magnet before hitting interstellar overdrive.


There are a few moments that make you kind of tilt your head and go, "huh?" - but in a good way. Like the beginning of “Dream Submarine,” which hits with depth charge timpani drums and a strange circling guitar that feels like a mellow night at a Greek restaurant, but it all works out, and you don’t dwell on it. The next song has that Mark Arm crunch in the vocals, but with Desert Rock handclaps.


Then there’s the spaciousness. I don’t mean like lots of room, there isn’t much of that. These songs are so overflowing I don’t think you could fit much else in there. I mean like outer space spaciousness. Like traveling through the stars with a damn heavy guitar. If I still had long hair I would so be spinning it right now. It’s deep and dark and sexy, it crawls over you, it moves right through you. It’s a goddamn drug. Every song. And brother, I ain’t coming down anytime soon.


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